As a child, my friends and I always had cameras in our hands. We made countless YouTube skits that are now just too embarrassing to be seen by any reasonable human being. I later left Silicon Valley to pursue my B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Cal Poly SLO. During that time, my hobby for film slowly became my passion and with some grit and luck, I was able to turn it into a professional career.

I've worked on a variety of projects ranging from short films, documentaries, to commercials, weddings, and large scale corporate events. I specialize in commercial video and have extensive hands-on experience in multiple roles from pre-production to post-production. When I don't have a camera in my hand, I enjoy camping, cooking, fixing up vintage motorcycles, and volunteering with the youth of R.I.S.E.

I consider myself incredibly lucky to be doing what I do, and I try to share my passion for photography and the city with everyone that I work with. If you would like to consider working together, I would love to speak with you. Please email me directly at